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The LoanPASS Advantage (SaaS/PaaS Application)

A fintech revolution in tooling and process control for Loan Officers, Capital Markets & Banks.


LoanPASS was conceived using cutting edge technologies and no legacy code with the goal of near-zero latency between input and response.


Unparalleled control and insight into pricing and eligibility coupled with a highly intuitive and guided experience for your customers.


Within minutes add any field, any rule, any loan product and start pricing to your customers today.

Non-QM Lenders

The flexibility and power to price any NonQM loan with an unlimited number of unique fields, rules and calculations to choose from.

Banks & Credit Unions

One simple PPE to deliver pricing and eligibility for all your lending products: mortgage 1st & 2nds, construction loans, business loans, auto loans and more - and our automated underwriting engine is not far behind.

Loan Officers

Get your LOs all the information they need to make a decision - in the blink of an eye.

How fast is LoanPASS?

Superficial improvements are worthless if they're slow and inflexible. See how LoanPASS holds up at scale.

For Loan Officers

<1 second

System Response Time

For System Admins

<30 second

Updating Pricing

< 1 Minute

Adding Custom Fields

< 3 Minutes

Adding A Custom Rule

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