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November Newsletter

November is probably my favorite month of the year, and not just because it is my birthday month, or fall weather, or pumpkin pie, or even the MLB World Series. The reason I enjoy this month so much is the focus of recognizing and remembering all that we have to be grateful for in our lives and sharing that gratitude with those that mean the most to us!

This letter could read like an Oscar acceptance speech thanking so many people in my personal and professional life for all I've been blessed with and what they have taught me. I'll save you from reading that long list and simply acknowledge a few in no particular order.

First, I am grateful for our CEO, Bill Roy, and the opportunity and trust he has given me to build LoanPASS and our company to transform the lending industry with innovative decisioning solutions. If you haven't been to our LinkedIn page to see the article he published today you should definitely check it out.

Next, we have been blessed to have such a great team of astounding people who have and continue to work with us at LoanPASS. I am humbled and amazed not just with their talents and abilities, but with their collaboration with each other, our vendor partners, and clients. They are constantly bringing creative ideas and solutions to challenging problems and conduct themselves with the upmost integrity.

And last but certainly not least, I am grateful to our growing vendor partners and clients. These first vendor partners see the vision and potential LoanPASS can bring to them and to their customers, and we value the opportunities we will create together. And the quality of our clients is truly exceptional; I am learning and growing from them everyday!

So, enjoy November and all the wonderful things this month has to offer, and be sure to spend a few moments reflecting on all you have to be grateful for and then sharing those thoughts with those that mean the most to you. I promise it will make all the difference!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Lewis


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