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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! What a difference a year makes. Exactly one year ago LoanPASS had not yet officially gone to market with a production release. We did have a beta client who believed in the potential of what we were building, and just as important we believed in the potential of LoanPASS as well!

Our official debut of LoanPASS to the market was at the IMN Non-QM Virtual Conference January 21, 2021. I was nervous and unsure what kind of response we might get from a virtual conference. To be honest, although it was nice to have a medium to communicate with the market, compared to a live in person conference a virtual conference will never replace real human interaction. But the conference served its purpose and we found a couple of new clients from that day.

And as I look back at 2021 I am amazed at what we have accomplished. Double digit clients, a couple of strategic partner integrations, and our core team is growing and really starting to hit their stride! As we go into this new year I am confident LoanPASS is adding tremendous value to the clients who are adopting it into their organizations to price and decision the loan products they offer to their customers! And we have more and more strategic partner opportunities that we are excited to take advantage of this year to provide even more technology value to our clients!

As we plan for this upcoming year I am so excited to see all the places LoanPASS will go! I hope you'll join us on this journey, let's go!


Michael Lewis


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