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April Newsletter

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2022, we are excited about the progress we have made as a young company on many fronts. I will highlight just a few.

First, we have already sponsored or attended six industry conferences to showcase and promote the LoanPASS engine. These conferences already are generating a lot of interest in the value proposition of LoanPASS within their organizations; to have a product and pricing and decision engine to offer to their customers. And, so far we have added four new clients to the LoanPASS family in the first quarter.

These new clients are from different lending segments, which shows the versatility and flexibility of how transformational LoanPASS will be across the entire financial industry as we continue to grow and expand. Speaking of expansion, our list of supported Lender guidelines that our team has configured and currently maintain has grown to over 35 with an additional 22 to get set up.

All of this positive momentum has given us the opportunity to also add to our amazing team. On one of my flights home from a conference in January I remember talking with another industry partner about the challenges he was having finding and hiring good talent for his company. Well, we gratefully were able to add five new exceptional employees in the month of March, and we are looking forward to all the contributions they will provide to each other, to LoanPASS, and especially to our clients and vendor partners in the coming months and years ahead!

And finally, just last week we finished the first quarter with a huge win in a new feature, which is an additional eligibility status called "Review Required". For the decisioning portion of LoanPASS, instead of simply having products return with a status of Rejected, we now give our Admins the ability to configure guideline rules that can ask their customers to send in the loan file for review because it might be acceptable due to compensating factors. This provides our clients far more flexibility in expanding their guidelines or granting exceptions through the LoanPASS engine without needing to simply reject those edge cases or explore additional lending products in these challenging economic times.

We are excited for all the wonderful response the market is giving to the LoanPASS engine. And, we plan on building off of this great momentum in April to attend three additional conferences and have our first 2022 face-to-face company meeting at the end of the month in Orlando, Florida for training, planning, and having some fun! I hope we get a chance to meet and catch up while we are out and about this month.


Michael Lewis


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