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Unparalleled control over the loan origination process 

LoanPASS.AI introduces the US lending industry’s first ever AI lending Chatbot.  LoanPASS.AI empowers mortgage loan officers with their own white labeled GPT loan agent expert, while also empowering mortgage loan originators with their own GPT AE (Account Executive).  Our revolutionary technology makes MLOs more efficient, while broadening their product reach.  Our chat bot also helps to reduce infrastructure and staffing needs for wholesale and direct-to-consumer loan originators. 

LoanPASS.AI offers a seamless blend of advanced conversational AI with specific mortgage and related product and pricing knowledge housed in the industry’s most advanced rules and decisioning engine.  Each Chatbot is custom built and trained to collect essential borrower data from dynamically generated questions designed by each of our clients.  This interactive process produces definitive responses (loan approvals) and encapsulates each lender's specific pricing, eligibility, and underwriting criteria, ensuring precise and reliable product offerings.

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What’s Unique About

LoanPASS.AI is the mortgage and finance industry’s first rules-based loan decisioning engine and AI Chatbot combination designed for lenders to more effectively communicate with existing and prospective borrowers and wholesale brokers. Over five years ago, was reconstructed from the first AI inferencing engines ever used in the financial services industry for loan underwriting and pricing decisions. LoanPASS.AI gives lenders unparalleled control over the loan origination process.  

The LoanPASS.AI Chatbot is a remarkable innovation blending three distinct sources of knowledge:​

A lender’s products, pricing, and eligibility guidelines for any loan

A lender’s general information knowledge base

The extensive but guardrailed knowledge that comes with ChatGPT

+ LoanPASS

How It Works 

The interplay between each of these information sources is on display in a recorded chat session (see below). The session was recorded live and illustrates the Chabot’s remarkable ability to handle virtually any situation no matter how adverse, especially the one you can watch below which is based on the Dr. Seuss fictional character, The Grinch.  If the Grinch can get an AI generated loan, anyone can!   And wait for the end…    


Special-Purpose AI Use Cases:

  • Retail, Direct-to-Consumer Lenders: Leverage AI-powered loan officers (GPT LOs) to enhance productivity and expand the product offerings within your retail LO network.

  • Wholesale Lenders: Leverage AI powered account executives (GPT AEs) to communicate more effectively with your LOs and help to reduce costs.

  • Mortgage lenders: Join our AI lending Network.

  • Mortgage Servicers: Improve servicing retention by leveraging our GPT LOs for a more cost-efficient approach to pricing and decision-making on portfolio loans ready for refinancing or for issuing home equity loans to eligible borrowers, all while greatly reducing expensive call center infrastructure.

  • Use our Chatbot to explain new or complicated lending options to clients or consumers. 

What does LoanPASS.AI
Do For Lenders?

  • Expands Reach

  • Lowers Cost

  • Improves Customer Experience

  • Loan Origination Precision

Analyzing Data

How Generative AI Will Transform Lending 

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