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ChatGPT + LoanPASS
How It Works 


Our AI-Lending Chatbot is trained to collect pertinent information from prospective borrowers to accurately price and lock a conceivably infinite number of loan decision parameters that lenders require such as loan purpose, loan type, credit score, loan amount or DTI & LTV.

Output: Precise and Reliable AI Generated Responses for Regulated Lending Institutions

Our AI-Lending Chatbot is highly unique and only produces actionable responses that are rules based (deterministic) and not driven by probability, black-box responses from ChatGPT. Such responses could include a loan approval and its terms, a lock request, a denial or a request for more information. Our Chatbot is instructed to roam only when general lending questions are asked or when a borrower needs help in defining their answers.  Our AI-Lending Chatbot is also trained to ignore random, irrelevant questions.

Knowledge Base

For general Q&A, the AI-Lending Chatbot only knows our custom-built knowledge base for each lender.

A Dynamic and Live Interchange

 Our AI-Loan Chatbot has been rigorously trained through prompt engineering and instruction guidelines to guardrail the conversation and ultimately provide a compliant and interactive chat between borrower and lender where changes to lender pricing, eligibility guidelines and LLPAs can be made instantaneously and reflected in the conversation.

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