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How Generative AI Will
Transform Lending 

LLM Breakthrough 

Recent advancements in Large Language Model (LLM) technologies are poised to transform industries around the world through their powerful capacity to replicate human conversation via ChatGPT, having profound implications for the US lending industry. 

An Industry First

Originating loans with no human intervention is now a virtual reality and LoanPASS AI heralds the introduction of the industry’s first new origination channel in over 40 years.

The Missing Link

Virtual loan originations are made possible by uniquely combining the powers of ChatGPT with our rules-based loan decisioning and underwriting engine which houses a lender’s proprietary and confidential loan product and pricing details for all lending asset classes. 

Reducing the Highest Cost Barrier

Virtual loan originations provide borrowers a seamless and direct connection with lenders, enabling loans to be confidentially shopped, priced, pre-approved and ultimately locked-in without the aid of expensive loan officers.

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