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Product & Pricing Engine
LoanPASS developed the next-generation of loan product and pricing engines, effectively catering to all types of lending entities and outputting decisions on any kind of loan product via a single, incredibly fast and powerful rules engine. The industry-agnostic decisioning solution, along with its multi-product capabilities, is truly flexible and configurable enough to house and accurately decision the most complex of loan programs. Using contemporary software architecture design methods and the new RUST programming language, decisions are rendered in under a second outputting all possible results for all loan products on every possible scenario.

Easy to Use

Highly Configurable

Extremely Effective

Fast and Powerful Rules Engine


Setting a New Standard.

Business Side Empowerment

LoanPASS’ elegant interface design gives users unparalleled control over the ability to easily and quickly make changes to loan products, eligibility guidelines, pricing, stipulations, and additional data points. Non-technical businesspeople can easily make and implement changes themselves, but to also create completely new products from scratch - without involving in-house IT developers or relying on costly vendor PS work. As a result, lending entities are able to better navigate the waters during tough economic times with newfound organizational ability to quickly pivot and capitalize on new marketplace opportunities.

With the power of LoanPASS at their fingertips, business users don’t wait on IT or the vendor to implement changes to loan products and pricing.

Lending-Agnostic Rules Engine

No matter what type of lending entity you are, LoanPASS’ flexible architecture design adapts. Lending entities such as banks, credit unions, independent/direct mortgage bankers, commercial lenders, private money lenders, reverse mortgage lenders, investors, and other financial institutions can all harness the power of LoanPASS’ rules engine.

Multi-Product Capability

The extreme configurability of LoanPASS provides lenders with the ability to add any type of loan product. The engine can house and run decisions on products as straight forward as agency mortgage loans, non-QM loans, reverse mortgages, car loans, boat loans, RV loans , motorcycle loans, commercial loans, private loans, investment loans, hard-money loans , pay day loans, and virtually any lending scenario there is. LoanPASS is that versatile.

Speed and Performance

Within just minutes, users can easily add any field, any rule, any loan product, and began pricing customers. From its inception, LoanPASS was designed with the cutting edge RUST programming language with the goal of attaining near-zero latency between input and response.

Swift, Low-Cost
Integration Model

LoanPASS  offers its APIs available for free. There is no charge to clients or partners for connectivity to the LoanPASS  rules engine. This allows us to drastically reduce the cost to establish and maintain new system-to-system integrations.
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