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Vesta and LoanPASS unite to deliver a seamless and robust pricing experience for mortgage lenders

Lender Demand Driving Modern API Tech Stack Integrations

[San Francisco, December 6, 2023] – Vesta, the next generation mortgage LOS, is now

integrated with LoanPASS, a fast-growing PPE in the mortgage ecosystem. This integration

empowers mortgage lenders with a unified and efficient solution for pricing and product

eligibility, enhancing the overall workflow and ultimately driving a better borrower experience.

Lenders can now access real-time pricing and product eligibility information within the LOS

platform, providing them with instant decision support. LoanPASS is a game-changing tool and

lauded by users giving them immense flexibility and control to self-manage loan programs on-

the-fly. This feature significantly accelerates the decision-making process, enabling lenders to

make well-informed and timely decisions. The integration ensures data consistency across

platforms, reducing the risk of discrepancies and errors in the lending process.

Mike Yu, CEO of Vesta, expressed excitement about the collaboration stating, "I'm thrilled to

welcome LoanPASS as a valued partner, enriching Vesta's suite of seamless integrations. This

partnership underscores our shared dedication to delivering sophisticated solutions to lenders.

Our joint goal is to streamline decision-making with unparalleled efficiency and precision, a

critical aspect in today's dynamic market environment.

“We are excited to partner with Vesta to offer mortgage bankers the combined power of

LoanPASS’ sophisticated, highly customizable PPE solution with that of Vesta’s modern and

comprehensive cloud-based LOS,” stated Bill Mitchell, CRO of LoanPASS. “As the mortgage

industry works through increasing volatility while adapting to the dynamic market, Vesta and

LoanPASS are two solutions designed and tailored to address the changing demands of the


About Vesta:

Vesta is a SaaS provider of mortgage loan origination software. The platform provides lenders

with a modern system of record, customizable workflows for end-to-end mortgage loan

fulfillment processes, and open, cloud-based APIs. The company was founded in 2020 by early

Blend employees Mike Yu and Devon Yang. Investors backing Vesta include Andreessen

Horowitz, Bain Capital Ventures, Conversion Capital, Index Ventures and Zigg Capital. For

more information, visit: or Vesta’s LinkedIn.

About LoanPASS:

LoanPASS is rapidly becoming a force in the industry when it comes to rules-based

loan decisioning for all lending products. The LoanPASS open APIs allow seamless

integrations with leading CRM, POS, and LOS providers. LoanPASS empowers lenders

with a no-code, SaaS application with unparalleled control over loan product, pricing,

and underwriting decision output. LoanPASS targets a variety of lending sectors

including mortgage investors, independent mortgage banks, private lenders, banks and

credit unions. To learn more, visit the company’s website at

LoanPASS.AI offers the industry’s first AI Chatbot for product, pricing, and eligibility

decisions. With a mission to simplify and accelerate the loan application process,

LoanPASS.AI connects borrowers with lenders through a completely virtual AI Chatbot

experience, offering borrowers a secure and efficient way to confidentially shop, price

and lock-in loan approvals. For more information, please visit LoanPASS.AI

Media Contacts:


Carrie Howe

(415) 216-0103

LoanPASS Sales and Marketing:

Bill Mitchell, CRO

Direct: (561) 254-5971


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