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The Mortgage Collaborative Adds LoanPASS PPE to Its Preferred Partner Network

LoanPASS is set to transform industry convention with its cloud-based, multi-faceted loan decisioning platform

MIAMI, October 3, 2023, — LoanPASS is pleased to announce its preferred partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC), the nation's largest independent cooperative network serving the mortgage industry. TMC is dedicated to providing its members with market-leading technology and expert resources to better manage the rapidly evolving customer demands and pace of technology innovation in today’s mortgage banking market.

“The Mortgage Collaborative is thrilled to welcome LoanPASS as its newest preferred partner as they push the boundaries of mortgage technology with the industry’s first rules-based loan decisioning engine,” said Tom Gallucci, senior vice president at TMC. “This partnership is a testament to TMC's commitment to providing its members with access to the most innovative and reliable solutions in the industry.”

“LoanPASS caters to a wide range of lending sectors including mortgage investors, IMBs, banks, credit unions and private lenders,” stated Bill Mitchell, Chief Revenue Officer for LoanPASS. “There are many features that set LoanPASS apart from legacy providers - notably the system’s speed, configurability and no-code administration. LoanPASS was built from the ground up using a modern programming language and can handle any lending product from complex mortgages to consumer, personal, business and commercial loans, making it an ideal solution for TMC’s diverse member base.”

For more information on LoanPASS, please contact us at our email: ( LoanPASS will also be meeting with lenders and investors during the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Annual Convention being held in Philadelphia, Pa., on October 15-18.

About The Mortgage Collaborative:

Based in San Diego, California, the Mortgage Collaborative was founded in 2013 to empower mortgage lenders across the country with better financial execution, reduced costs, enhanced expertise and improved compliance, as well as helping members access the dynamic and changing consumer base in America. The cooperative is managed by its founding members John Robbins, CMB; David Kittle, CMB; and Jim Park, former chair of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA). Robbins and Kittle are former chairmen of the Mortgage Bankers Association. For more information visit:

About LoanPASS

LoanPASS is an industry leader in rules-based loan decisioning for all lending products. The LoanPASS open APIs allow seamless integrations with leading CRM, POS and LOS providers. LoanPASS empowers lenders with a no-code, SaaS application with unparalleled control over loan product pricing and underwriting decision output. LoanPASS targets a variety of lending sectors including mortgage investors, independent mortgage banks, private lenders, banks, and credit unions. To learn more, visit the company’s website at


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