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LoanPASS and RicherValues Align to Elevate Financial Services with Modern Technology Tools

Collaboration to Equip Financial Institutions Pricing and Valuation Technology

Miami, FL, February, 6, 2024  - RicherValues, a trailblazer in tech-enabled valuation services for the financial sector, proudly announces its alignment with LoanPASS, a rapidly emerging force in product pricing and rules-based loan decisioning. This collaboration represents a groundbreaking synergy poised to redefine the financial landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions to clients across various sectors. 

RicherValues, renowned for its tech-enabled valuation prowess, provides FIRREA-compliant valuations catering to origination, default servicing, asset management, mortgage acquisition, and post-close valuation needs. The company's unique set of metrics, including condition-based valuation and real-time hyperlocal market demand insights, delivers actionable intelligence to banks, lenders, servicers, asset managers, and mortgage investors. 

“At RicherValues, we redefine valuation services by leveraging data and analytics to provide objective, unbiased assessments. Our hybrid approach not only eliminates racial bias but also significantly reduces lender risk by 3-5 times compared to traditional products," stated, Rodney Mollen, Founder & CEO. "Our products, such as FIRREA-Compliant Evaluations with interior inspections, offer faster delivery times, generally within 3-5 days, while maintaining compliance and accuracy."

On the other hand, LoanPASS stands out as a leading provider of rules-based loan decisioning, catering to a wide spectrum of lending sectors, including mortgage investors, independent mortgage banks, private lenders, banks, and credit unions. Their open APIs seamlessly integrate with major CRM, POS, and LOS providers, empowering lenders with unparalleled control over loan product, pricing, and underwriting decisions.

“LoanPASS is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the loan application process through leading-edge technology and key partnerships" remarked Derek Long, COO from LoanPASS. 

The alignment between RicherValues and LoanPASS marks a significant milestone for financial services companies looking to modernize their operations, processes and risk mitigation efforts. By combining RicherValues' expertise in tech-enabled valuation services and LoanPASS's innovative loan decisioning solutions, the collaboration aims to offer clients a holistic and streamlined financial ecosystem. 

“This alignment exemplifies our commitment to redefining financial services by merging tech-enabled valuation excellence with innovative loan decisioning capabilities," stated Derek Long. “Together, we aim to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of services that offer unparalleled accuracy, speed, and objectivity."


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