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LoanPASS and Lodasoft Announce Enhanced Integration to Streamline Mortgage Process Automation

Award winning technologies enhance integration to combine the strengths of both platforms

Miami – February 21, 2024 - LoanPASS and Lodasoft are excited to unveil an enhanced systems integration, designed to dramatically improve the mortgage origination process by leveraging the LoanPASS product, pricing, and rules-based loan decisioning engine with Lodasoft's task-based workflow automation software.

The enhanced integration between LoanPASS and Lodasoft will seamlessly combine the strengths of both platforms, providing mortgage professionals with an unparalleled level of efficiency and organization. By integrating the industry’s only fully configuration rules-based loan decision engine with Lodasoft's workflow automation and optimization toolset, users can expect significant enhancements across every phase of the mortgage origination process. 

“We are thrilled to announce the updated integration between LoanPASS and Lodasoft," said Mike Lewis, President at LoanPASS. "This continued collaboration represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to empowering mortgage professionals with innovative solutions that streamline operations and drive success.”

Key features of the enhanced integration include automated data synching, seamless workflow management, enhanced productivity tools and Improved communication channels. 

“We are excited about the opportunities this enhanced integration will bring to our users," said Adam Batayeh, President for Lodasoft. "By combining the strengths of LoanPASS and Lodasoft, mortgage professionals can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity, ultimately driving greater success in their business endeavors.”

The updated integration between LoanPASS and Lodasoft is now available to all existing and new users. To learn more about how this collaboration can benefit your mortgage business, visit or 

About Lodasoft:

Lodasoft is an award-winning and highly acclaimed mortgage task automation software designed by mortgage veterans to enhance productivity and quality. The Lodasoft Digital Workflow Platform leverages enterprise intelligent loan manufacturing (iLM) to drastically reduce the cost to originate. Lodasoft enhances workflow throughout the enterprise’s lending lifecycle by implementing task-based automation, identifying training opportunities, and freeing branches and internal staff to focus on growth. For more information, visit 

About LoanPASS:

LoanPASS is emerging as the industry leader in pricing and loan decisioning technology solutions for lending institutions throughout the US. LoanPASS is a no-code, SaaS application that empowers lenders with unparalleled control over loan product, pricing, and underwriting decision output.  The LoanPASS open API network allows seamless integrations with leading CRM, POS, and LOS providers.  LoanPASS targets a variety of lending sectors including mortgage investors, independent mortgage banks, private lenders, banks and credit unions. To learn more, visit the company’s website at 

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