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February Newsletter

Is it just me or does it feel like time is going faster? Checking the calendar this morning I realized January quickly ended and here we are already on Groundhog Dog in February. And, I believe a big reason we feel time is flying by is all of the exciting things we have going on with LoanPASS and our clients.

We have been heads down this week laser focused on helping two of our clients reach milestones. One client is going live, so we have been working to help them finalize their product offerings and do some testing and cosmetic touch ups, and the second is looking to launch their white label version of LoanPASS as their broker facing pricing engine! We are so excited for them and realize these milestones will also be big for LoanPASS as a company as well. The first client going live will be our first LoanPASS client using it to price and decision non-mortgage products. And, the second client exposing LoanPASS outside of their organization to their entire broker customers will add hundreds and potentially thousands of daily users!

In addition to all of this excitement, we are releasing a new feature this month every client has been asking for, and that is default values. This feature allows an Admin to configure default values into the application fields to help aid the user experience in retrieving a response from the engine quickly. We are also releasing default filters, which allows an Admin to set a pricing or rate filter to aid the user in their best execution results. And, later this month we'll release our largest single feature-to-date that we are calling system fields. LoanPASS is known for being fully customizable, and we will be enhancing that by providing industry standard system fields that clients can configure against. There are a ton of benefits to this feature and we are excited for the foundation this feature will lay in the future of where LoanPASS is going as a product and platform for the financial industry!

Last week we kicked off the conference season at the MBA IMB conference in Nashville, TN. In the month of February alone we have three additional and very exciting conferences we plan to attend and look for more LoanPASS evangelists and clients! Please stop by our booth or come find us or reach out to us on LinkedIn to find out more about the best product and pricing decision engine in the market today.


Michael Lewis


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