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Mortgage Lenders
Mortgage lenders rely on LoanPASS’ multi-channel and multi-product loan decisioning engine to use for their wholesale, retail, correspondent and consumer direct lending channels. LoanPASS designed its mortgage lending product and pricing engine (PPE) with extreme flexibility and configurability. Our rules engine easily accommodates agency loans, home equity loans, non-QM loans, construction loans, reverse mortgages, exotic loan products, and more.
LoanPASS  houses a mortgage banker’s loan programs in a centralized database that is accessible by our easy-to-use change management interface. Your non-technical business people are completely empowered to make changes on-the-fly to products and pricing for all types of mortgage loans - across all lending channels.

Benefits for Mortgage Lenders:

Elevate the digital lending experience for borrowers

Quickly qualify borrowers at the point-of-sale

Increase underwriting turn times and pull-thru rates

Enhance loan quality and reduce investor buy backs

Speed-to-market with new loan products

Swiftly change products and pricing on-the-fly

Dramatically reduce technology costs; total cost of ownership (TCO)

Multi-product capability and multi-channel automation via a single rules engine

Open APIs allow for easy, quick, low-cost integrations with mortgage loan origination systems (LOS), mortgage point-of-sale systems (POS), mortgage-centric customer relationship management systems (CRMs), legacy mortgage platforms, and other third-party mortgage applications.

To learn how LoanPASS can enhance your existing mortgage loan product and pricing software needs, consolidate multiple PPEs into one, and maximize the digital lending experience for borrowers while reducing costs, contact us today.
Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
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