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Tess Anson
VP of Guideline Management
As Vice President of Guideline Management, Tess joined the LoanPASS Leadership team in 2021 and is responsible for adherence to industry's complex lending guidelines. After immigrating from the Philippines in the early 1990's, Tess began her career working for well known companies like Alaska USA FCU, Golden Empire Mortgage and Plaza Home Mortgage. Tess' knowledge, skills and discipline when it comes to resolving complex issues makes her a true advocate for the lending community. Her operational mindset and deep domain expertise, including 30 years of mortgage industry with 24 of those years as Sr underwriter, makes her an excellent choice for LoanPASS as the company continues the expansion across multiple lending channels.
Tess resides in the state of Georgia, is married, has three children and two wonderful dogs. Outside of the office, Tess is an amazing artist when it comes to constructing charcuterie boards.
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