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Is your mortgage pricing engine Encompass Partner Connect ready?

Encompass Partner Connect™ (EPC) unlocks new functionality to improve loan pricing and decisioning. Although it’s been available for years, not all pricing platforms have fully migrated to EPC. With the deadline to upgrade fast approaching, it’s time to make sure you and your vendors are prepared.


What Is Encompass Partner Connect?

Encompass Partner Connect™ (EPC) is an integration platform designed to streamline the process of connecting with third-party services within the Encompass® by Ice Mortgage Technology® loan origination system (LOS). Intended to replace the older Encompass Software Development Kit (SDK), EPC gives independent software vendors full access to application program interfaces (APIs).


Key Features of Encompass Partner Connect:


  • Open APIs that are more flexible and efficient compared to older integration methods

  • A broader range of supported functionalities and services that expand the capabilities available to lenders and partners

  • Modern security standards that ensure better protection of sensitive data

  • Developer resources, including interactive documentation and testing playgrounds to test drive new capabilities

  • Seamless ecosystem connectivity across Web and Desktop versions of Encompass as well as Developer Connect, Consumer Connect, and TPO Connect


Migration from SDK to EPC Is Mandatory

The older SDK integration system is already being phased out, with a complete sunset scheduled for October 2025. Since ICE Mortgage Technology will no longer support SDK after the final migration deadline, lenders and vendors who continue to rely on legacy integrations could lose access to business-critical services, patches, and updates.


How Lenders Are Impacted By the Change

During its annual user conference in March 2024, ICE reported that about 60% of partners had made the switch from SDK to EPC. With less than 18 months until the mandatory migration deadline, the other 40% are now scrambling to marshal resources. With all hands focused on API strategy, these providers will have limited bandwidth to respond to lender requests or introduce platform improvements.


Ultimately, we expect that most, if not all, mortgage PPE providers will successfully migrate essential data connections to EPC by the deadline. However, lenders may be surprised to find that some capabilities that were available under their PPE’s legacy Encompass integration may disappear after October 25.


That’s because ICE is eliminating support for “grandfathered” database connections that predate both EPC and SDK. Some of the industry’s earliest pricing engines, like Optimal Blue, have leveraged direct Encompass database access to offer capabilities newer platforms couldn’t match. But after October 25, these legacy providers will find themselves on an even playing field with other mortgage pricing platforms.


The Power of a Decision Engine Built Natively for EPC


LoanPASS Is EPC-Ready Out of the Box


Because LoanPASS was built for EPC compatibility from day one, our customers don’t have to worry about feature loss, downtime, or any other service issues related to the mandatory EPC migration. In fact, our integration with EPC is amazingly flexible, with a mapping layer that makes it easy for lenders to configure which data fields are passed back and forth between LoanPASS and Encompass.


We Put Control in Your Hands

With LoanPASS’ Vendor Management feature, lenders can see every data field shared between LoanPASS and Encompass. All it takes is one click of a button to toggle incoming and outgoing field mappings on and off. Don’t like the way your data fields are mapped? You can override our default system mapping with custom mappings of your own devising.  You can even add up to 100 custom fields to fine-tune products that aren’t natively well supported in Encompass.


Switching to LoanPASS Is Easy


No other mortgage pricing solution comes close to the level of customizability and control LoanPASS provides at a budget-friendly price point. Lenders who use Encompass for loan origination are amazed to find how quickly we can get them up and running. Our default system mappings can get the nuts and bolts of your EPC connection up and running in minutes, with full customer onboarding typically completed in as few as 8 weeks. Reach out to our sales team to request your demo today.


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